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Discover Your True Calling: Creating a Life's Purpose Mandala

Saturday January 22nd (10:00am-3:00pm)

Working with the Mandala can lead you to your life's dreams. By collaging your life goals—in love, work, wealth, and beyond you can bring positive change into your life. This workshop provides everything you'll need to start on your journey to a fulfilled future. Be prepared to fully explore an aspect of your life that you want to empower. Your Mandala will become a tool daily meditation and visualization to help you take the necessary steps toward success.

Shamanic Storytelling & Transformative Journal Writing

Saturday February 12th (10:00am-3:00pm)

This is a skill building and experiential workshop. Learn journal writing techniques and storytelling practices to support deep transformative healing. Storytelling is the oldest healing tradition on earth. In every corner of the world, we have gathered around the fire to tell deep story and share the sacred journey of life. Our Personal stories are a powerful resource for personal growth and change. They can keep us stuck or move us forward. During this interactive journal writing and storytelling workshop participants will learn the tools of the Shamanic Storyteller and learn journal exercises and storytelling techniques that enable them to reclaim their uniquely personal stories. You will explore the myths of the goddess, your ancestors, and your own life to identify lessons of healing and transformation.

Designing Personal Ritual and Ceremony

Sunday March 20th (10:00am-4:00pm)

This is a skill building workshop to help you learn the art of creating personal ceremony and rituals. Ritual speaks to our deepest center; it activates, magnifies, and integrates the energy of our mind, body and spirit. Come learn its power to open your heart and mind, to ground, to center, to connect, to weave together, to close, to complete, and to heal. I will share techniques gathered from years of practicing the Womenspirit shamanic tradition. Each participant will create a personal ritual and explore the ancient wisdom of ritual creation using deep story, essential oils, stones, herbs, symbols, guided journal exercises, meditation, sound, and poetry.

Inner Journeys Wirters Circle: A journal writing circle for women

Second Tuesday of every month (@ SisterSpirit's office 3430 SE Belmont #102)

Contact: 503.736.3297 for info

All workshops will be held @
Woman Spirit Healing,
316 E. Fourth Plain Blvd, #C-W,
Vancouver WA, 98663